Sunday, 29 August 2010

sudden realisations

At 7PM on a Sunday evening, I'm sitting here at my desk preparing for the 8AM Monday lecture of doom. This semester I ended up lecturing into three courses - two with 8AM starts! - for the first eight weeks of the semester. Fortunately, beloved convenor of these three courses who is currently on research leave has left me with copious notes for at least one course, the 8AM Monday one. So I'm sitting here, studying the slides and going over the readings when it hits me...


Or thereabouts. Until my scholarship expires, that is. [Note: 'Sudden-ness' of sudden realisation is actually overstated in this particular telling of the story.] So here are the options ahead:
  1. Work like crazy to get my thesis done within the three years (cannot believe it has been three years..);
  2. Apply for a scholarship extension, giving me until August 2011;
  3. Get a job at the end of my scholarship and muddle through with a vague 'early 2011' submission.
All of these potential options will depend entirely upon how I'm travelling come January. I'm going to aim for 1, hope for 2 and take 3 if something comes up. How does that sound? Okay good, back to work.

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