Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Mediated Youth Culutres

I meant to post this at the end of May when this was first released, but better late than never! The special issue of Continuum: Journal of Media & Cultural Studies that I have been working on with my supervisor, Andy Bennett, is now online. This issue brings together 13 articles that make visible an international and cross-disciplinary research agenda concerned with mediated youth cultures: 

  1. "‘Connect and create’: Young people, YouTube and Graffiti communities" by Ben Light, Marie Griffiths & Siân Lincoln
  2. "The pedagogy of regret: Facebook, binge drinking and young women" by Rebecca Brown and Melissa Gregg
  3. "‘Individuality is everything’: ‘autonomous’ femininity in MySpace mottos and self-descriptions" by Amy Shields Dobson
  4. "Leaving MySpace, joining Facebook: ‘Growing up’ on social network sites" by Brady Robards
  5. "Female Pressure: A translocal feminist youth-oriented cultural network" by Rosa Reitsamer
  6. "From Punks to Post-Hipsters: Exploring Subcultural Models Of A Youth Net-Radio Hierarchy" by Andrea Baker
  7. "To Write Love through the indie imaginary: The narrative argument of a mediated movement" by Ryan M. Milner
  8. "The Outlaws of Psytrance in the Time of the Vibe-Tribes" by Graham St John
  9. "Breaking expectations: Imagined affinities in mediated youth cultures" by Mary Fogarty
  10. "Sexting, Consent and Young People’s Ethics: Beyond Megan’s Story" by Kath Albury and Kate Crawford
  11. "The landscape of keitai shôsetsu: Mobile phones as a literary medium among Japanese youth" by Kyoung-hwa Yonnie Kim
  12. "A Generational Thing? The Internet and New Forms of Social Intercourse" by Fredrik Miegel and Tobias Olsson
  13. "Mediating culture in transnational spaces: An example of young people from refugee backgrounds" by Raelene Wilding
My co-editor, Andy Bennett and I would like to thank all of the above contributors for their work. We would also like to thank the many reviewers who provided valuable, constructive feedback on earlier versions of these articles. We hope you enjoy!

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